The Media in Brexit Britain

Written by Jessica Wilson on November 8, 2021 in Uncategorized with no comments.

Identity is a person’s sense of belonging. This sense of belonging is often influenced by factors such as nationality, ethnicity, gender, religion, etc. We are all social animals who need to belong at some level or other to feel good about ourselves.

The story of Brexit has been told in the British media for many years now – this story has not only been made up mainly by Conservative newspapers but also includes other traditional media outlets which have contributed to the nation’s debate on what type of society should be desired. The way that this story is told by these outlets can influence how individuals feel about themselves or others, as well as influence the way people think about political decisions and their alternatives. This decision has the potential to shape the country for years to come.

People in Britain seem to be characterized by an attachment to traditional values and patriotism, with many residing in small towns or rural areas which are often considered ‘quintessentially English’. For decades now, Republicans living in these communities have felt abandoned by the political class of Westminster – this feeling was particularly strong during the Blair years when many traditional communities were largely ignored in favor of liberal metropolitan areas. Now Brexit is providing an opportunity for these people to speak out and be heard.